FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I guarantee an approval?

- You must be a registered MSA at your college or university.

What is a Fundraiser Code?

- This helps us to track the purchases made by your supporters.

How do I get my Fundraiser Code?

- Once approved, you will receive an acceptance letter with your fundraiser code.

Is my Fundraiser Code a discount?

- No, your code is simply a means to track the purchases associated with your organization (see attached screenshot for example)

Who can use my Fundraiser Code?

- Anyone who wants to support your organization and the fundraiser!

When does this campaign end?

- November 17, 2020

When will my organization receive the money we earned?

- Due to our 60-day return and exchange policy, you will receive the money you earned on February 17th 2021.

Are there any hidden fees to participation?

- No, there are absolutely no hidden fees, we promise!



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please email us at Unity@Nominalx.com.

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